Here's a new song for you to bug out to. It's a cover of Sample and Hold, from Neil Young's obscure 1982 album Trans. I made it by basically layering guitars and basses and organs and drums over and over again, bouncing tracks back and forth with the rusty 8-track.



you like it - it likes you

Oh crud, I forgot to mention that a new issue of Junk Pirate zine has been published and is currently sitting is a big stack on my shelf just waiting for someone other than me to care about it.
There are several ways you can get a copy of your very own to cherish and love.
  • You can just come up to me and ask me nicely. I usually have some on me wherever I go. It might be a little awkward at first but eventually I will come to appreciate your enthusiasm.
  • You can contact me through email or FB or Twitter or Instagram or Google+ or this blog or Tumblr or get real old school and send me a text message. Make sure to include your address and why you deserve a free copy (no excuses refused).
  • You can purchase your copy all legitimate-like for just a buck over at the Rowan Morrison Books online shop
There might be some stores carrying them eventually, but I wouldn't hold your breath.
It's chock full of great things, as is the Junk Pirate website and FB fan page, so get into it or get out my face.


gonna have to think for me

Today a new song has been released from my Way of the Leaf music project. The song is called Drink For Days, and you can stream it right here, right now, or check it out on the Way of the Leaf SoundCloud page. It is a track that will be part of the debut Way of the Leaf 8-song album, which will be released digitally on July 1st, 2014.
If, for some odd reason, you're really into my music you can check out an early instrumental demo version of the song on the Way of the Leaf BandCamp page.



and I couldn't look away

Here is how things are breaking down these days, subject to change without notice:

New music demos and pieces of songs are being posted on the Way of the Leaf Soundcloud page.
Like this:
Coming soon will be the new, complete Way of the Leaf album, available digitally at the Way of the Lead Bandcamp page.

I also gave up and started a Twitter account.

Get into it.