Rock N Bowl 3

Turn Off - Tune Out - Drop In

On November 7th we had it up at Rock N Bowl part 3. All other parties can't hold a snuffbox to this one and it was just what I needed to snap me out of the funk I had been feeling lately. There was a plethora of good food (ok, hamburgers and hotdogs), plenty of drink, an epic skate jam (culminated with Matt Butler's in the dark blunt-to-axle ender), live music, an audio-visual psychedelic image show, lots of friends and friends-of-friends-of-friends, and even the cops were cool. The clean-up was pretty reasonable, the weather held-up, and the hangover was manageable.
Other than occasional trips to the grill or the keg, I pretty much stuck it out behind the projectors for most of the evening, so the photos are a bit limited in quantity.

We had overhead projections (here featuring a Ryohei Tanaka killer cut stencil), 16mm movies (with and without sound), and the Junk Pirate psychedelic slide show.
This party's just gettin started.
JD made a guest appearance to keep his streak of hurting himself in the Pond alive.
The CCA Boys were present (of course) and set the bar pretty high in the bowl. Here is a cast-armed Alex nose-bluntsliding the notch to pop-in.
When not rocking the guitar or making out with his girlfriend, Duncan was laying back boardslide re-entries. Sick.
Dirt Flood got This Mob fired-up with his own brand of country blues acoustics. 

A little vid of Dirt playing the blues. He wrote this song.

"Mama Tried"

Free Dirt!

Then Mind stepped up and kept their rep up. I was too busy running the light-show and banging my head to take photos. Rest assured, Mind fucking ruled.

A final encore of "Smokestack Lightning" featuring Dirt Flood on vocals and Elliot Flood on harmonica. 

It was a great, great party and I feel like we got away with something, so I'm thinking like I should quit while I'm ahead. Maybe next year we won't promote it so much.
Also, scanning the blog I see I never posted the photos of Mind from last year's Rock N Bowl 2 (and they are pretty good pictures), so here they are: