Time Wasting Machines

Time Wasting Machines from the past available now as reference for the future...


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Way of the Leaf

If you like great rock and roll, go listen to Black Sabbath.
But if you want to hear some demos of original songs I've been writing and recording on my 4-track, click on over to Way of the Leaf. When things are going well and the juices are flowing, I'm uploading new tracks on the regular. Stuff like this:

These exclusive, original demo tracks can be purchased for the low, low price of 25¢ each. And if that is just to much money for you, you cheapskate, just let me know and I'll email you a mp3. I'll be embedding a few here and there on this blog, but you should really just go to the bandcamp page because there is already over a dozen songs uploaded that you can taste.

Send me feedback, send me your own songs, share 'em with your friends, or come on over and jam.

In the meanwhile, here's another one: